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Crap-Based Medicine

Returning to the family of active blogs that touch all things SGU-related is Crap-Based Medicine!

The concept of this blog was the brainchild of Rebecca Watson as a quite humorous poke at Steven Novella (and company’s) newly-launched Science-Based Medicine. Have a look at the original post by “Dr Sexy”on CBM. For a little while there, […]

The UFOs of 2012 debunked by a skeptical eye

An alien attack fleet is spotted in a spot on NASA film. […]

Wednesday Roundup: Outer limits

With Venus shining bright in the predawn sky for the rest of November (due to a morning transition), let’s see what the stars say about some other would-be celestial events.

NASA’s Discover launch has been delayed because of a glitch, making this Thursday its last chance for a launch before the entire endeavor gets pushed […]

Podcast Ramblings

It’s amazing how popular podcasts have become in the past few years.

I used to always have to explain to people exactly what a podcast is since most had barely even heard the term before. Nowadays, I rarely get a “What the hell is that” look when I mention that I do a podcast.


The Long Run – Running!!!

Yes, kids, I’m going to jump in here ahead of Jay and write the post that I threatened to write before… the Long Run Blog, critical thinking on money, finance, and economics, is up and running at www.thelongrunblog.com. The name comes from John Maynard Keynes, an economist of some note, who famously said “in the […]