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Strange Superfluid Beast Lurks in Neutron Stars

Recently, two teams of scientists announced they had direct evidence that the core of neutron stars contain a bizarre type of matter.

Neutron stars are of course the corpses of massive stars as big as a city yet weighing as much as two of our suns.When the core of certain exploding supernovas collapse, the […]

Weekly Geekery #2

Space Shuttle Discovery… Wake…. Up!

Space Shuttle Discovery got a wake-up call on its last day before returning to Earth. And it went a little something like this:

Wake-up calls have been a tradition in manned spaceflights since the Gemini 6A mission of 1965. All kinds of music has been played for the astronauts’ […]

Physicist Fist-Fight: What’s the Deal with Strings?

Can one theory explain everything?

This is the oldest objective of science. We can retrace the question to the pre-Socratics, when Thales in 585 BCE first suggested that everything was ultimately made of water, and that the apparent phases of matter were simply different states of this fundamental water, this blood of the Apsu or […]

Ancient Earth Light

We recently received the following interesting question:

Hey guys

…I understand that when we look at the stars we are actually seeing back in time to what happened to them millions of years ago. Therefore theoretically would it be possible to send a rocket into outer space to look back on the earth to […]

Jupiter’s Bigger Brother?

A binary pair of scientists caused a bit of a stir recently after making a bold claim about a potential 9th planet in our solar system.

This isn’t about a quest to restore Pluto back to planetary status. This is potentially about a planet at the other end of the size spectrum. These scientists believe […]