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From Podcast To Broadcast

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe is now a broadcast. We make our debut as such this coming Saturday night on XM Radio’s America’s Channel 158 at 8pm Eastern time, which will be our regular occurring weekly airtime.

To our podcast listeners, I say “Don’t Panic!” We are still releasing the show as podcast through [...]

Holiday Hodge Podge

“Be skeptical, or don’t. I’ve got shit to do.” – Jennifer Bernstein

My wife and I have a good laugh when we remember the first time she said these words to me. We have shared many belly laughs in our time, and this was one of those moments when, during a moment filled with real-life [...]

Pre-Order T-shirts for Australia

If you will be at any of the Sydney events and you want one of the SGU T-shirts, then send your name, size, and which style you desire to Jay ( ). We will need to get your order by Thursday Nov. 18th, as that is when we will be packing up for the trip.