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Another Addition to the Human Fam…

The notion of mankind as special creation was overthrown with Darwin. Since then, a series of anthropological finds have continued to illuminate a startling picture: Not only are we not the center of the universe, but there were a lot of different breeds of us. The earliest evolutionary family portrait is starting to look a […]

Did Ancient Tsunamis Bury Atlantis?


Shamelessly trying to exploit the fervor from Japan’s tragedy, online news outlets are trying to link the discovery of sunken ruins off of the Spanish coast to tsunamis.

First, the story:

University of Hartford Professor Richard Freund is the head of an international team of researchers searching for Atlantis. In 2009 and 2010, they […]

Introducing Skepchick’s New Sister Site: Mad Art Lab!

Are you an artist with a skeptical perspective? Or a science nerd with a creative streak? Well, good news! We’ve just launched Mad Art Lab, a site dedicated to exploring the intersection where art meets science and skepticism.

Like Skepchick, Mad Art Lab is a group effort. The team will be led by Skepchick’s own […]

NECSS 2011

We are coming up on the NorthEast Conference on Science and Skepticism 2011, taking place in New York April 9th and 10th. This is the third NECSS, and this one is expanded from a single day event to a full weekend event, starting Friday and going through Sunday.

We have a great line-up this year. […]

Crap-Based Medicine

Returning to the family of active blogs that touch all things SGU-related is Crap-Based Medicine!

The concept of this blog was the brainchild of Rebecca Watson as a quite humorous poke at Steven Novella (and company’s) newly-launched Science-Based Medicine. Have a look at the original post by “Dr Sexy”on CBM. For a little while there, […]