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Skeptical Blog Anthology


Our friends over at The Young Australian Skeptics have published their first book: Skeptical Blog Anthology. I’m not sure I can offer a better description of the book than the YAS has already provided:

This book is a collection of reader-​​nominated blog posts, representing the best of a new wave of online skepticism. [...]

Welcome to the SGU 24-Hour Show!

For the last several weeks, I have been working with some very talented folks (and most excellent friends) at making the SGU 24-Hour Show a reality. It’s your escape to reality! I am helping run the event, along with Mike Lacelle, Doug Sobon, Cortney Bergin, Mikey Grenier, and of course the Rogues of the SGU, [...]

Dinosaur Blood: Warm or Cold or Both?

There’s been an interesting development in the whole cold-blooded/warm-blooded dinsosaur debate. A brand new method has been developed to reveal the most accurate body temperature of dinosaurs to date.

The results show that some dinosaurs were actually as warm-blooded as many modern mammals but they were also cooler than birds.

Researchers, led by Robert Eagle [...]

Life in the Universe and Drake

Some Scientists are now saying that life in the Universe may be rarer than we thought, but they also say that on the other hand it might not.

That might sounds wishy washy but often, when you dive in deeper the science gets really interesting and you see where they’re coming from……kind-of.


Announcement: SGU-24 Show!

Behind the scenes here at SGU central we are constantly coming up with ideas that we simply don’t have time to produce. This year we came up with something awesome..something potentially so good we had to do it. September 23-24 we are broadcasting a live 24 hour podcast with video. It will be an SGU [...]