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The Long Run – Running!!!

Yes, kids, I’m going to jump in here ahead of Jay and write the post that I threatened to write before… the Long Run Blog, critical thinking on money, finance, and economics, is up and running at   The name comes from John Maynard Keynes, an economist of some note, who famously said “in the long run, we’re all dead.”

Fellow skeptic and certified financial planner Brett Spurr and I will be blogging on economics, markets, scams both big and small, and whatever else pops into our pretty little heads – all from a skeptical point of view.

We’ve long believed that skeptics have neglected the world of finance, which is just chock full of sloppy thinking, pseudoscience, and magical wishful thinking, plus a healthy dose of all the usual logical fallacies.  We think it’ll be a long time before we run out of topics.

So go on over, check us out, make comments and suggestions, set us straight, whatever… see you there!

UPDATE:  Our first response is ‘Hey! Where’s the feed?’  My bad.  I have added a widget to the blog that allows you to subscribe with RSS.

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