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Crap-Based Medicine

Returning to the family of active blogs that touch all things SGU-related is Crap-Based Medicine!

The concept of this blog was the brainchild of Rebecca Watson as a quite humorous poke at Steven Novella (and company’s) newly-launched Science-Based Medicine. Have a look at the original post by “Dr Sexy”on CBM. For a little while there, this blog was seeing some rather impressive traffic (118 replies to one post in particular). I know that I let out several LOL’s reading these old posts, and I am sure others will find the material equally funny (or perhaps horrific, or perhaps both.)

I am leading this resurrection effort of CBM for a few different reasons. First, its funny and deserves a second chance at life. Second, it’s a great way for non-medical professional skeptics (such as myself and Rebecca) to take the scalpel to the alt med crazies out in the world (and there is NO shortage of them attacking SBM and skeptics, that is for sure!) Third, Sunday nights used to me my regular night to listen to Dr. Dean Edell, who was a master at attacking quacks and shining the light of reason on the vampires and zombies that creep around the world of alternative and complimentary medicine. Since Dean is now retired, I want to dedicate Sunday nights to linking to the latest from CBM. In fact, there is a new post up there right now for your reading pleasure.

Sunday nights should be fun, leisurely, and a night for pointing out just how ridiculous and extreme the practitioners of medical-woo can get. So kick back, relax, and enjoy your fill of Crap-Based Medicine.

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