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Weekly Geekery #2

Space Shuttle Discovery…  Wake…. Up!

Space Shuttle Discovery got a wake-up call on its last day before returning to Earth.  And it went a little something like this:

Wake-up calls have been a tradition in manned spaceflights since the Gemini 6A mission of 1965.  All kinds of music has been played for the astronauts’ wake-up calls.  Everything from classical to pop, Sinatra to Beethoven, country to jazz. This time, it was Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself (some would argue the BEST Star Trek captain) who gave the call.

What a great tribute to the men and women of the Space Shuttle Discovery by William Shatner. I’m just glad he didn’t decide to grace them with an album launch party of his upcoming metal album (that’s right… Shatner… metal… album).

Amazingly Happy Days

Last week in WG #1 I wrote about noticing a poster of James Randi in the film Last Action Hero. That made me curious about what movies Randi has actually been credited in, so I went to his IMDB page. And to my surprise I found out that Randi has appeared on the TV show Happy Days.

I used to watch reruns of Happy Days when I was a kid. The Fonz was the man. Eyyyyy.

Randi was on the 14th episode of the 6th season entitled, “The Magic Show“.

Committee co-chairmen Howard Cunningham and Al DelVecchio must somehow replace accidentally drunk magician, the Amazing Randi, star of the Leopard Lodge’s annual Sunnyside Orphanage fund-raising dinner show.

I was able to find this episode (I’m sure you will too) and watch it.  It was great to see Randi get on TV and stretch his acting muscles.  It’s an awesome episode and although Randi isn’t in it for very long, he does steal the show.  It’s worth a watch.

Fonz: Eyyy, the Amazing Randi!

Richie: That’s great! Who’s the Amazing Randi?

Fonz: Who is the Amazing Randi? Only the escape artist par excellence, the primo magician in the world!


So I was able to catch Primer this week.  What a great movie.  I will DEFINITELY have to watch it at least once or twice more to get all the intricacies of the plot.  What I like most about this film is that is deals with the consequences of time travel as a more realistic problem than say, Star Trek or BTTF did.  It doesn’t hold back on the technical language either.  The writer and director obviously made a conscious decision to make time travel sound as complicated as it would be with real world technical language.  No “Treknobabble” here.

This might turn a lot of people off, the plot is also somewhat hard to follow.  It’s a film where you really have to pay attention.  And I have a feeling I’ll get a very different experience watching it a second time. Like Sixth Sense in a way.

For the readers of this blog I would definitely recommend this movie.

Weekly Gamery

This week I’ve been playing Rift a lot.  I actually put World of Warcraft on hold to play it.  This game is awesome, it seems to take everything from WoW and improves on it.  And I make no excuses here, most of the game and quest mechanics are ripped right from WoW right down to the default hotkeys.  But WoW has been THE MMO for the last 5-6 years now.  Why change a formula that works?

I’m definitely not saying this is the WoW-killer everyone’s been waiting for.  That’s way too big of a statement to make.  But over 1 million subscribers pre-launch tells me it’s some good competition, maybe even the likes of which WoW hasn’t seen yet.

If you decide to check it out, look me up.  I’m playing Joreth, an Eth Cleric on the Defiant side on the Shadefallen shard.

Weekly Want

Han Solo in Carbonite Throw Pillow

Pointless Geekery

My Geek Card

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  • Rallick

    For FSM’s sake, when you watch Blade Runner (which is an awesome movie btw) make sure you go for the Director’s cut! It avoids a very hackneyed voiceover that neither Ridley Scott nor Harrison Ford wanted.

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