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NECSS 2011

We are coming up on the NorthEast Conference on Science and Skepticism 2011, taking place in New York April 9th and 10th. This is the third NECSS, and this one is expanded from a single day event to a full weekend event, starting Friday and going through Sunday.

We have a great line-up this year. In addition to a live recording of the Skeptics Guide, with me an all the rogues, we have:

* Phil Plait (Keynote Speaker)
* Todd Robbins (Emcee)
* Brooke Allen
* Jacob Appel
* Hal Bidlack
* Sadie Crabtree
* Brian Dunning
* Ken Fraizer
* Julia Galef
* Dan Gardner
* Jennifer Michael Hecht
* George Hrab
* Sheena Iyengar
* Susan Jacoby
* John Allen Paulos
* Massimo Pigliucci
* John Rennie
* Eugenie C. Scott
* Eldar Shafir
* Carl Zimmer

You can register here. There are group rates available. All previous NECSS events have sold old. They have all been a great deal of fun – and we love the opportunity to meet our listeners. Give it a look.

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