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About the Authors

Evan Bernstein (SGU Panelist)
Evan is a co-host of the SGU, and the co-producer of SGU 5×5, a companion podcast to the SGU. He is the Chairman of the Connecticut Chapter of the New England Skeptical Society, and is the technical consultant for NESS investigations.

Rebecca Watson (SGU Panelist)
Rebecca is a co-host of the SGU and the founder of Skepchick (, an organization focused on women and critical thinking. She also appears regularly on the Little Atoms podcast and produces her own podcast, Curiosity Aroused. Her articles and essays have appeared online and in newspapers and magazines across the United States. Her daily ramblings can be found at

Jay Novella (SGU Panelist and Webmaster)
Jay is a co-host of the SGU, and develops and maintains the various internet projects for the SGU and the NESS. He is the director of the SGU video productions. Jay is known as a skeptical satirist who lends his unique wry perspective on all things wacky and weird.

Bob Novella (SGU Panelist)
Bob is a co-host of the SGU and a co-founder and Vice-President of the New England Skeptical Society. He has written numerous articles that are widely published in the skeptical literature and has a special interest in physics and astronomy, their abuse by pseudoscientists, and methods of self-deception.

Mike Lacelle (NESS Web Manager)
Mike works directly with the NESS as a web manager,  maintains all blogs affiliated with the NESS and does post-production on SGU 5×5, where he is also an occasional guest.  Follow Mike on Twitter:

Steven Novella (SGU Host and Producer)
Dr. Novella is the host and producer of the SGU. He is an academic clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine. He is the president and co-founder of the New England Skeptical Society and directs all NESS projects. He has his own blog, NeuroLogica Blog, where one can get their “Daily Fix of Neuroscience, Skepticism, and Critical Thinking.” He is also the founder and executive editor of and contributes weekly to

Brian Trent (Rogues Gallery Contributor)
Brian is a national journalist, novelist, and screenwriter working in multiple genres and fields. His works have appeared in more than 100 publications, and covers technology, history, and social issues. Brian is a member of the NESS and activist in the field of skepticism. Visit Brian at