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I love learning about new things, or learning even more about things I already know. Sometimes I wish I could just get away for a week or two to a cabin in the woods and sit by a fireplace in a comfortable chair with a huge library of books and just read and learn 24/7. […]

She’s Not Negative. See? She’s Smiling.

Check this out. I recently found this on a few feeds in my Google Reader setup. Stare at the 3 dots on the nose of the woman in this image for about 30 seconds. Then look at some sort of white space (a blank piece of paper, or a white background on a computer screen) […]

The Shadow of the Hole

Scientists may soon have a direct image of the black hole in the center of our galaxy.Using a virtual telescope as big as the earth, they may have for the first time apicture of the actual shadow a black hole.

Scientists met recently to discuss this project. It has probably one of the coolestnames for […]

“Apollo 16 Found Alien Shipwreck” – Psychics

This just in: it turns out that the Apollo 16 mission was our first encounter with alien life/technology.

According to a “psychic R&D operation” based in Austin, TX called Tranception Inc., the Apollo 16 astronauts deserve the Congressional Space Medal of Honor for the first ever alien encounter with some “shipwreck elements”.

Here, […]

Asshole Wife Abuser Blames Ghost

Sorry to be so coarse in the title, but this person makes me furious.

As reported by The Smoking Gun today, Michael West of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin was arrested by police on January 15th. This douchebag told police that a a ghost was responsible for strangling and battering his wife.

First, thank goodness the […]