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Why Is This Science?


Why are claims of a bigfoot sightings in your science section? Upon cursory review (and I mean all of 10 seconds) a 5th grade science student can determine that this is nothing but a hoax – and a really lame one to boot. Blurry video at 15 feet? The cheapest cameras auto-focus in […]

Monster Tides on Ancient Earth

We recently received the following question.

Hello Chaps!While scanning through one of the god channels the other day Dr Richard Kent put forward his “Evolution is Impossible!” evidence list. Most of it was ridiculous, playground stuff, surely only plausible for those desperate to believe it. One point was curious though in his argument for a […]

Bigfoot Science

In Russia, there are about 30 authorative scientists engaged in the study of abominible snowmen. In fact, they are setting up a university resaerch institute at Kemerovo State University to study the mythical Yeti, according to The UK’s Daily Mail.

You might ask: what scientific evidence for the existence of bigfoot is the driving force […]

Did Ancient Tsunamis Bury Atlantis?


Shamelessly trying to exploit the fervor from Japan’s tragedy, online news outlets are trying to link the discovery of sunken ruins off of the Spanish coast to tsunamis.

First, the story:

University of Hartford Professor Richard Freund is the head of an international team of researchers searching for Atlantis. In 2009 and 2010, they […]

Van Alien

I figure if its good enough for near-the-top of The Drudge Report, then its good enough to mention here in The Rogues Gallery.

Rock star and former Van Halen lead singer Sammy Hagar says in recent interviews that he believes he was abducted by aliens – or at least his brain has been tapped […]