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Thanks to listener Chuck from California for bringing this one to our attention. More ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ in our society, this time occurring in the San Francisco area. There is no evidence supporting a cause and effect between WiFi and one’s health, and as the data accumulates with each passing year, people should ease their fears […]

From Podcast To Broadcast

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe is now a broadcast. We make our debut as such this coming Saturday night on XM Radio’s America’s Channel 158 at 8pm Eastern time, which will be our regular occurring weekly airtime.

To our podcast listeners, I say “Don’t Panic!” We are still releasing the show as podcast through […]

Can Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold?

We recently received the following email:

Is it true that hot water freezes faster than cold water? It seems as if this could only be true in a small amount of circumstances where the water temps were already pretty similar to begin with and the volumes of water were pretty small. The only reason I […]

Star Wars

A quick blurb courtesy of the Toronto Sun hit the internet like fire to gasoline yesterday at 9:36am. Seth Rogen (the actor, Green Hornet is his current film in theaters) was reportedly left “stunned” from an encounter with George Lucas (no descriptor necessary) in which Lucas told Rogen during a face-to-face conversation, that the world […]

The Wobble of Earth Messes with Astrologers

It’s been known for some time that planets follow the straightest path through curved space. Space is neither a flat plain nor an empty void, but is subject to warping by significantly massive bodies. The most obvious example for terrestrial life is the influence of the moon’s gravity on the tides (a fact which evaded […]