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Voyager Has Left The Building

The Voyager 1 probe is about to reach a pretty cool milestone in the annals of spaceflight and discovery

It will, kinda soon, officially exit the solar system!

Anyone remember september 5 1977? I have a vague memory of that day primarily because of the launch of Voyager 1.

The launch of this probe (and […]

Holiday Candy

Whether they recognize it or not, modern news outlets have evolved over time in which they now devote significant time to “face in the clouds” stories. Here is one more to ring out the old and welcome in the new: a “likeness” of the “Virgin” Mary holding the Baby Jesus on a piece of Christmas […]

The UFOs of 2012 debunked by a skeptical eye

An alien attack fleet is spotted in a spot on NASA film. […]

From Skepchick: Eating Disorders, the Media, and Skepticism

This was originally posted on Skepchick, so feel free to either join the conversation there or start one here on the Rogues Gallery!


A few weeks ago, my good friend and fellow skeptic Ben Radford wrote an article for Discovery News asserting that the movie Black Swan “cannot “encourage” anorexia, any more than photographs […]

Don’t Get Burned By FireBurnDoctor.com

SGU listener Ward McCreerty of Southern California has recently made me aware of a scam called FireBurnDoctor.com (FDB). A cursory Google search has revealed that FBD has been on radar of the skeptics for about a year now, but before I went to find out which of my favorite intrepid skeptics or skeptical organizations out […]