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Stephen Hawking vs God

It seems that famous physicist Stephen Hawking is continuing his streak of saying something dramatic or controversial every 6 months or so

You remember he said earlier this year that we should avoid alien contact at all costs so they don’t wipe us out or when he said mankind needs to colonize space or face […]

Bread Of Affliction

I suppose it was just a matter of time before someone came up with this idea.

If you remember all of the hoopla surrounding the supposed image of Virgin Mary that was burned into the bread of a grilled cheese sandwichabout 6 years ago (and was later sold on eBay for about $28,000.00), a company […]

Are Thorium Reactors in our Future?

With such a worldwide focus on energy that is NOT based on fossil fuels, it’s no surprise that breakthroughs in solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, hamster, and on and on seem to dominate the energy news. Most recently another source of energy seems to be having a resurgence, namely using thorium as a fuel source in […]

Tax The Witch

It appears that witches in Romania have quite a powerful lobby in that country’s political system.

A tax that would have been levied on witches and fortune tellers was voted down in Romania’s senate. Perhaps the most striking part of the law would have been that witches and psychics would be held accountable with a […]

Tired Ghost Story

Just a quick link to an article of local interest to us here in The Constitution State. Ghosts are everywhere in Connecticut, even tire stores. As the tired old saying goes: There are no haunted places, only haunted people.

(Below is the URL – the hotlink button on our wonderful blogging tool is not working […]