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Neutron Star Video

For those of you who enjoyed my neutron/magnetar post last Friday, here’s a video that adds some details about neutron star formation.

Bad Universe, Good Show

Last night, Phil Plait rained destruction and death from the skies into millions of homes across the United States. I am of course speaking of the debut of his 3-part pilot of Phil Plait’s Bad Universe television show on Discovery Channel.

About a year ago, Phil embarked on a mission to bring his book, Death […]

Magnetars Don’t Suck

One bit of astronomical news caught my attention recently not only because of the the science behind it but how the various news outlets treated it.

Some were saying that this was a new mystery about black hole formation, others were saying that a mystery has been solved. I’m siding with the “case-closed” interpretation but […]

Geller’s Latest Imaginary Adventure

Oh Uri, are there any limits to your imagination?

The Wall Street Journal reports on Uri Geller’s latest claim is that there is buried treasure on an island that he owns. Not just any treasure – Egyptian relics, brought to the island by the daughter of a Pharaoh some 3500 years ago.

Read the whole […]

Impress Your Friends, Win Bets, or Maybe Just For Fun

Do you like impressing your friends at parties with your scientific acumen?

I just found this great little video from the inimitable Professor Richard Wiseman.

My next birthday I’m going to blow out my candles with carbon dioxide.