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Biggest Star Ever Found Nearby…Only 969,973,186,575,295,200 Miles Away.

Scientists have found the biggest star ever, and its a porker.

Up until now, If you asked those in the know how big stars can get, you’d likely get answers around 150 solar masses.

One solar mass of course being the sun’s mass which is 4.4 nonillion pounds (4.4 followed by 30 zeros). To put […]

Science on the HuffPo

Science writer JL Vernon has written a post outlining his campaign to have the Huffington Post create a dedicated science section. His suggestion has been met by near universal derision from the science blogging community. Orac and PZ Myers, for example, have both criticized the proposal and Vernon’s fallacious arguments. Even the comments below Vernon’s […]

A Saudi Arabian Nightmare

This is one of those headlines that sparks your subconscious to instruct your brain to move your head back and forth, with your mouth hung slightly open, and a generally glazed-over countenance. This is a primal, outward reaction while your brain tries to figure out the proper words to adequately describe such a bewildering circumstance. […]

How Does Gravity Escape a Black Hole?

We recently received the following question:

If, by definition, light cannot escape from a black hole, then how do gravity waves, or gravitons, escape?

Bob M. Switzerland

Thanks for the question Bob. This is an interesting question that I often hear.

As often happens at this scale, there are two legitimate ways to look at […]

Chiropractors Don’t Like Skeptics

A sign of an intellectually healthy institution is transparency and openness to criticism. After all, if one is intellectually honest and rigorous there is nothing to fear from honest and rigorous examination and criticism. In practice this is an ideal that is often difficult to live up to – egos tend to get in the […]