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Are Solar Carpets The Future Of Solar Tech?

Alternative energy sources always seem to be in the news lately.

No need to wonder why with all the turmoil in the blood-and-oil-soaked Middle East, all the downsides to fossil fuels, fears of oil running out and on and on.

We do seem to be tackling our energy problems with a sense of urgency of […]

Science or Fiction: Prehistoric UFO Cave Art

Gee, this is a tough one …

A “group of anthropologists”, apparently with no affiliation (none is offered) have stumbled upon some cave paintings depicting UFO’s and aliens, as was reported by The “Rajasthan Times” (can’t find them on-line) and picked up by the website Archaeology Daily News.

The last paragraph reads:

Local Archaeologist, Mr […]

Scientific Consensus, Take It Or Leave It

I read a very interesting study that came out recently that tries to explain why people accept some scientific data and reject other even though the quality of the data is similar. Before I get into the study let me set the stage and throw in my opinion.

Are you hot or cold to the […]

Psychic Science

The website psychicscience.org allows the visitor to assess your own “psychic intelligence.” This oxymoronic titled site is not the work of some run-of-the-mill crank with too much time on their hands. This is the work of a professional “lecturer and programme leader” as a legitimate university in the United Kingdom.

The website is run by […]

Facilitated Communication Fabricated

On my other blog, NeuroLogica, I have been following the case of Rom Houben – the 46 year old man in a coma for 23 years. His case was presented to the media by neurologist Steven Laureys as a patient who was more conscious than was apparent from his exam. As evidence for this the […]