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Bring Out Your Dead

I love disabusing myself of myths don’t you?

Here’s yet another myth that just makes sense superficially and most of us accept reflexively and uncritically….until now maybe.

MYTH: When you have a natural disaster causing deaths in great numbers; it’s best to bury them quickly to limit the spread of disease and infection.

We’ve all […]

Scientology in Haiti – Does the good outweigh the bad?

In the last few weeks, we have seen humanity come together in a way we only see during times of crisis. The quake, and subsequent aftershocks in Haiti have shown us again how people can put aside their immediate problems and their differences and work toward a common goal. It seems to be in the […]

Scientology’s Account-ability

Larry Anderson is one of those actors that you recognize but may not be sure who he is or where you know him from. He’s actually had a long career in Hollywood usually appearing on popular TV shows for one episode and the occasional movie.

Like so many actors in Hollywood, Larry became a scientologist […]

Joseph Mercola Really Hates His Fans

Another day, another alt-med wackadoo revealing that there’s no reality to the image they try to promote: an image of a loving, wise, holistic healer who cares more about you than that cold doctor in Big Pharma’s pocket. Remember the way the anti-vaccination crowd called Steve Novella, Paul Offit and others baby-eaters? And the way […]

Scientologists Run Afoul in Haiti

Among the panoply of emotions that humans experience during the time of a catastrophe is the wanting to help. Some people want to donate materials to the surviving victims, so they will donate clothes, food, blankets, money, etc. Others want to lend their professional help, such as doctors, nurses, rescuers, counselors, spiritual leaders, etc. To […]