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SGU Makes You Smarter

At least according to the College Crunch website. They list 15 podcasts that will make you smarter, and the SGU is on the list. Thanks, guys.

They make a good point that time is precious and having the ability to consume media on your own schedule is very valuable. I think podcasts have taken off […]

Time Going Backwards?…….Forget About It!

We recently received a question from a listener asking me to help figure out the following article:

Is quantum mechanics messing with your memory?

This article refers to a recent attempt by physicist Lorenzo Maccone of MIT to address what’s been called “The Arrow of Time Mystery”

In it Maccone tries to address one of […]

Fun With Reiki

Today has been all about reiki, for me. First, I wrote a post for Bostonist criticizing the Boston Globe for shamelessly promoting reiki practitioners while ignoring the (lack of) scientific evidence.

Then, I joined in on the live chat with a reiki practitioner, hosted by the Globe. Surprisingly, a lot of my questions got through, […]

Cancerous Spam

I thought I’d share an email I received today. It was forwarded to me by a co-worker, who received it from a friend, and so on – a typical chain email, or viral email. It finally made it to me after 31 forwards (and maybe more) and, apparently, about two and a half years of […]

How Dumb Are You?

Sorry for the provacative title – here is a small internet survey to test your scientific literacy(which I learned about through Bad Astronomy). It’s fun and quick, so give it a whirl. When you’re done come back and read below the fold.