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Science Reporting Toon

This cartoon, while of course exaggerated, reflects the frustration scientists and science popularizers often feel at science journalists. Of course – many science journalists are excellent, some are adequate but fall prey to editors and headline writers, while many are simply lazy, scientifically illiterate, or under too much pressure to do a decent job.

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Planetary Nebulae Get Supersized

I love it when new classes of stellar objects are found, don’t you? This is what a team of scientists from Australia and the United States recently announced.

They reported in a recent journal called Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society that they found Super Planetary Nebulae.

If you don’t know what a planetary […]

Very Clever, Mr. Jago

Crispian Jago, who writes the blog Science, Reason, and Critical Thinking, has put together a clever playing card series featuring prominent skeptics. Even better – I am one of the skeptics featured (along with fellow Rogue Rebecca Watson). And even even better – I finally get to see what I would look like rendered as […]

Boston Ghost Tour Follow-up

(x-posted on Skepchick)

Back in 2007, I took a ghost tour of Boston with Jim McCabe, an affable guy who agreed to let me record him for a segment for PRX’s Talent Quest. Jim was really sweet, and I tried to strike a balance between showing that side of him while still presenting the skeptical […]

Crop Art

This is one of the most beautiful “crop circles” I have ever seen.

I put the words “crop circles” in quotes because I don’t think that this term properly describes what we are seeing here. This is a work of art. Carefully thought out and planned, with geometric precision and inspired imagination, this design […]