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Beware the Spinal Trap

Last year Simon Singh wrote a piece for the Guardian that was critical of the modern practice of chiropractic. The core of his complaint was that chiropractors provide services and make claims that are not adequately backed by evidence – they are not evidence-based practitioners. In response to his criticism the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) […]

Playing the Audience

Sean at Cosmic Variance just posted this fantastic video of Bobby McFerrin at the World Science Festival. Watch. Love.

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on Vimeo.

A lot of people may only know Bobby McFerrin for Don’t Worry, Be Happy and assume […]

The Solar Eclipse To End All Eclipses (for some)

The Cosmos is the sum of all existence. So many things happen within our Cosmos on scales both grand and miniscule that humans confined to earth are only able to experience first hand the merest smattering of cosmological events. One of the more captivating cosmological events is when Earth’s moon lines up in the direct […]

AI Future Shock

A recent meeting of computer scientists at Asilomar Conference Grounds on Monterey Bay in California discussed possible concerns about the future of computers – especially increasingly intelligent machines. I find this a fascinating topic. We are living through the tranformation of our civilization by information technology – and we’re only getting started.

Some of the […]

A new “Fastest Supercomputer” already? I don’t think so…

I came across a news item today from the ThaiIndian News with the following title:

World’s most powerful supercomputer becomes operational

The article continued with this detail:

The world’s fastest and most powerful supercomputer, named Novo-G, has become operational at the University of Florida.

I love super-computers and I always celebrate in my own way […]