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Don’t Abuse Your Kids, Unless . . .

How would you end that sentence? Is there ever a circumstance in which it is okay to abuse your children? I’m not referring to the debate over spanking—I’m talking about laws that are currently enacted in certain states that allow parents to physically abuse and murder their children because of a specific circumstance: religion.

This […]

Obscured By Clouds

As TAM-7 approaches to within 10 days (sorry for the painful reminder for those of you that can’t make it), it seems that my to-do list is actually growing instead of shrinking, so I apologize for the short posting. But I wanted to share with you some pictures of clouds that, you’ll agree, look pretty […]

The 16 year old 11 Month Old

It is an obvious and tragic aspect of life that people are often injured or suffer genetic abnormalities and modern medicine can do nothing about it.

Many times, however, the injury or disease offers a unique opportunity to gather information that otherwise would not have been possible. For example; stroke victims have been and continue […]

Shuttle Science Proves Ghostbusters Movie Wrong

101 years after that massive explosion in Siberia, scientists finally feel they know exactly what the culprit was.

Theories have ranged from the most likley…a meteor or comet…all the way to the other side of the spectrum. Regarding this event, a Dr. Ray Stantz was overheard to say:

“You have been a participant in the […]

On Bostonist: Boobies, Psychics & The Art of Making Up Headlines

Psychic helps police in case of missing Hingham man with dog, or so reads the headline of this article from Norwood’s Daily News Transcript. The only problem? The first two words of the headline are obviously wrong, possibly meant to cap another article entirely.

Here’s the story in a nutshell: a mysterious man with a […]