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The Science News Cycle: An Example

X-posted on Skepchick (sorry for the late update to the SGU Blog, but I had issues earlier!)

Everyone and her brother are sending me this hilarious PHD comic detailing the science news cycle, and so I will pass it along to you (click to read the whole thing):

And if you happen to be […]

Against The Grain

There are two boxes of cereal that regularly occupy space in my cupboards. Kellogs Frosted Mini-Wheats®, and Cheerios®. Like so many other people, cereal is a part of my family’s daily consumptions. For years now, we have bought these two brands for two main reasons: their nutritional value and their taste.

Last July, I blogged […]

Super-Dense Material Advances Fusion Research?

You know that list of potential future fuels you hear so much about?

You know…Hydrogen, biofuel, compressed oxygen, water, bigfoot droppings….well now there may be another one to add.

It’s called ultra-dense deuterium.

It’s 100 thousand times heavier than water; so heavy that a cube with 10cm sides would weigh 130 metric tons which makes […]

Via Skepchick: Why CuteOverload is Critical to Your Work

X-posted on Skepchick:

In my favorite Ig Nobel-worthy study of the year (thus far), researchers at University of Virginia have completed a study suggesting that viewing or interacting with something adorable may improve your physical performance on certain tasks(PDF). Sweet!

Here’s the breakdown:

In Experiment 1, 40 women individually played a game of Operation in […]

CAM As Religion

Daniel Hauser is a 13 year old boy suffering from a form of blood cancer called Hodgkins lymphoma. His oncologist is recommending a standard course of chemotherapy. I do not know the clinical details of this case, but overall, with current treatments, the 5 year survival for childhood Hodgkins lymphoma is 78%. Without treatment, Daniel’s […]