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Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoramic views of many streets in the world. Google has fleets of vehicles that drive around and snap pictures of as many streets as possible. They even get around using bicycles in some cases. All of these individual images are digitally […]

Synthetic Blood for Everyone

British scientists are embarking on a 3 year plan to be the first to mass-produce synthetic blood.

The project is being led by the SNBTS-Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service.

The idea here is to take left-over embryos from In Vitro Fertilization and find one that would produce Type O blood. This is the blood type […]

Does anybody know what time it is? WOO time!

Ever wish you could have some sort of device that tells you when in the day you will be unlucky? You know, something that uses astrology and combines it with a practical, everyday gadget?

Me neither. But Swiss watchmaker Borgeaud thinks otherwise.

Borgeaud has released a watch that will display a daily, 90 minute period […]

Sophie Germain: Kickass Mathematician

I recently read Simon Singh’s* fantastic book Fermat’s Last Theorem. Simon is a pro at delivering an absorbing history filled with colorful characters, and in this book one that stood out was Sophie Germain, a French mathematician. In honor of Ada Lovelace Day (already?? It seems to come earlier each year) I figured I’d tell […]

My V.I.P. Interview on Skepfeeds

I was interviewed by Skepdude over at Skepfeeds. Please visit the Skepfeeds website and, who knows, you might learn a few things about me that you always wondered or were too shy to ask.

Thanks go out to Skepdude for requesting the interview, and our follow up discourse over email has been enjoyable and informative.