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The Digital Deadline Do-Nothings

You’ve all heard of the analog to digital tv transition right?

This is the biggest change to American tv since the advent of color back in the stone age I think. In 2005, Congress mandated that the analog over-the-air signals that tv has been broadcast in since its inception would be switched over to all […]

Lassie v2.0

I’ve always been close to the animals in my house. I currently have an annoying dog, Maggie and a loud cat, Spike (aka William the Bloody) but I enjoy their company very much. I’ve lost two dogs before due to various reasons, but I sometimes wish they could still be around.

I guess that’s going […]

…In Which I Am Reminded I Live in a Bubble

I have rather expansive tastes in the media I consume, so my Google Reader includes many science and skeptic blogs, a few newspapers, a dozen webcomics, some music blogs, and some random fluff like Gawker, a site that sometimes keeps me up-to-date on what’s going on pop culture and sometimes baffles me with idiotic coverage […]

Have You Seen This Man?

Attention to all of our readers in Nigeria! Please be on the look out for this car thief. He is described as a white quadruped, bearded and hoofed, with a singular vocabulary and a penchant for eating grass, devouring fibers, and stealing Mazdas. He is considered horned and dangerous. He might shoot milk in your […]

Bible Prophesy

We recently received the following e-mail from a listender:

Hi, I’m 26 years old and spent my entire life as a “christian” until recently thanks to folks like you, Penn & Teller and of course Randi. I just got into my first discussion with a christian and they dumped something on me that I haven’t […]