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Happy Halloween!

Well, it’s the last day of October and my favorite day of the year.

Happy Halloween everyone!

What is everyone doing today? I’m sure some of you will have costume parties to go to or maybe you’ll carve pumpkins and go trick or treating with your kids. I’m sure some will sadly do nothing because […]

Hair Loss in Ailing Women

The other day, we received an email through the SGU contact page from Jenelle, who is a skeptic faced with a dilemma that is probably more common among women than many suspect: what to do about hair loss following serious illness. Here’s her letter:

I’ve been a dedicated listener for over a year now, […]

On This Date In History

Today is Monday, October 27, 2008.

On this date in history…

1838 – Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs issues The Extermination Order, which orders all Mormons to leave the state or be exterminated.

We at The Skeptics Guide have been critical of Mormons when they have acted badly by either attacking science or indoctrinating people into […]

New Skeptical Blog!

Guys check out the new Skeptical blog at http://skepticblog.org

Steve’s first post will give you all the details.


Big planet or little star?

We have another planet classification problem on our hands and it’s not about the demotion of Pluto from planet to dwarf planet. I’m talking about the other end of the spectrum dealing with whether an object is a very large planet or a really small star.

Has anyone heard of the European CoRoT space telescope? […]