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The SGU: Mouthpiece of Satan

Alexander Cornswalled is a Midwestern Conservative Christian who is not particularly fond of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe. Cornswalled says that he helpfully reviews podcasts that the kids in his church are listening to, and the other day he chose the SGU. I know, I was pleased, too! Let’s see what he has to […]

Retro Fit

Many moons ago, I was researching news items for the podcast having to do with astrology. I went to one un-particular astrology site, and signed up for free readings – simply to collect data, I assure you. Ever since I signed up, I have been receiving weekly e-mails from them, spouting their astro-babble as […]

The Mentalist

This week I caught the pilot episode of The Mentalist on CBS. My first impression is that this show has the potential to be skeptically awesome. I hope it lives up to my early expectations. It was refreshing to watch a show with a lead character who is unashamedly skeptical and likable at the same […]

End of the world put on hold until Spring 2009

Last week I blogged about the many problems the LHC has encountered in the few days after the scientists at CERN turned it on. Though I’m sure it was a little more complicated that just flicking a switch in the “ON” position.

There has been a transformer failure, a computer security breach and a magnet […]

Space Elevator: Boon or Boondoggle?

Japan has announced that their long-term space development plans now include building a space-elevator.

The JSEA or Japanese Space Elevator Association believes it can build one for about 1 trillion yen or a little less than 10 billion US dollars.

So is this worth even attempting or is it way too premature for such a […]