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A Fond Farewell

It is with great fondness that I must bid a farewell to the readers of the Rogues Gallery, and this time there will be no ‘April Fools’ at the end of the story.


The Crazy Rainbow Lady

Last week on the SGU we discussed the YouTube video of a woman who thinks that the rainbow effect she can see in her sprinkler is a government conspiracy. We treated the story primarily as the ravings of a scientifically illiterate woman who went-off half-cocked and made a YouTube video arrogantly displaying her ignorance to […]

Lunar Effect – Not Really an Effect

This week a good friend of mine gave birth. The week before last, we were having lunch and she told me that she couldn’t wait to have her baby. I couldn’t blame her, I hope to have kids one day too. She had just come back from her appointment with her doctor and told me […]

Future Dopes

I haven’t been following the Olympics as much as I would have liked but does it seem like doping isn’t being talked about as much as previous Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) president estimated before the Beijing Olympics that there may be as many as 40 positive doping violations this go-round.

As of August […]

Shocked, Shocked!

As Louie said to Rick, “I am shocked, shocked to discover that there is gambling going on in this establishment,” so I am just stunned to find out the bigfoot corpse discovered in Georgia is in actual fact a rubber gorilla suit. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080820/od_afp/usenvironmentbigfootoffbeat_080820193153. How could these men of integrity, these selfless servants of science and […]