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Funky History and Von Daniken-itis

Gavin Menzies says that Leonardo Da Vinci copied all his coolest ideas from the Chinese, who brought all their knowledge with them when they sent a fleet to Italy in the early 1400s. This is the same guy who says that the Chinese discovered America in 1421 – and it was even the same fleet. […]

Birthday Wishes & Skeptics in the Pub Wrap-up!

First of all, a big happy birthday to Steve Novella! Steve’s a sprightly 106 today, so please wish him a long life relatively free of broken hips and things. Steve, I got you this card:

Speaking of, it was Skepchick Jen’s birthday this past Saturday. Jen, I got you this one (NSFW).

Moving on, […]


I went grocery shopping the other night. I was in the breakfast cereal isle to get a box of Cheerios® (my daughter’s favorite) and right next to them were the boxes of Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats®. On the front of the mini-wheats box, taking up the entire top third of the packaging, it read:

“Clinically shown […]

Some Vaccine Misconceptions

Ever since there has been widespread use of vaccination for disease prevention there has been an anti-vaccine movement. Recently, their efforts have focused on the alleged link between vaccines and autism – I have written extensively about the evidence against such a link on Science-Based Medicine and NeuroLogica. But the anti-vaccine movement goes beyond the […]

What an Asstronaut

What is it that makes someone an authority on UFOs? Do you have to be a “ufologist”? Do you have to have researched UFO sightings, abductions and patterns for years? Or do you just have to watch one or two UFO specials on Fox or the “History” channel?

Well no, apparently you just have to […]