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Change For A Hundred?

I had to break a one hundred dollar bill at a store last night. I handed the note to the cashier, whom could not have been more than 17 years old. He proceeded to hold the bill up to the light, supposedly to look for the watermark and the reflective strip of filament that is […]

The Cult of Skepticism

We recently received the following e-mail:

After listening to this podcast and to the 100 or so that I’ve listened to over the past two years I offer all of us a caveat ( ok, more of a reminder than a caveat ) regarding skepticism in general. We all must embrace variability within skeptics. Without […]

Group Health Insurance – Woo vs Common Cents

SGU listener Jim recently wrote the following:

My company sent out a health benefits newsletter that really stuck in my throat. (I’d love to send the pamphlet to you, but I didn’t think that would be prudent since it is a national company…and I like my job.) Here’s what it says (note: BCBS is Blue […]

The Skull of Doom

Most people that know me would agree that I like skulls. I actually have over 100 of them in my basement right now.

Most are plastic or rubber but 3 of them are the real deal. Why the hell do I have 100 human skulls? Well…some people collect beer cans or stamps…I collected […]

Wine Ghosts

I got an e-mail the other day from one of my old acquaintances from the wine world (why I have those acquaintances I’ll leave to another time). In the e-mail, he relates what may be a tongue-in-cheek story about haunted wine.