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This Thursday is the National Day of Reason!

Apparently Thursday, May 1, 2008 is the National Day of Prayer as designated by the United States Congress in 1952 and signed into law by Harry Truman. There’s a privately funded National Day of Prayer Task Force with a stated purpose of “encouraging participation” in the NDP, though only encouraging the participation of Christians of […]

Potty Mouth

Have you ever heard this before: “A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth.” I’ve heard it many time before, almost always from people I would call “animal lovers.” I heard it again just this past week.

I have always liked dogs. I grew up living with them for most of my childhood and […]

The Water Experiment

The Intention Experiment is a project run by Lynne McTaggart to “(show) the orthodox community that the power of collective thought has the ability to change the world.” She is not talking about the power of culture and belief to affect the collective actions of a society – like getting everyone to use less electricity […]

That Old Chestnut

SGU listener Dave wrote:

A lot of scientists claim to be atheists but is it possible for scientists ever to be atheist? It can’t be proved that God doesn’t exit and therefore logic would suggest that scientists must be agnostic. Of course it could be argued that elements described in religous texts are unpoven or […]

Space Funk

We recently received the following email question about space junk.

…about week ago I read an article in some trashy newspaper (I cant remember which one) about how we are “littering” space with satellites and what not and its becoming a big problem.

Here’s a link to another article on the matter entitled “space junk […]