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Popular Science And The Rosicrucians

A co-worker of mine shared a piece of history with me recently. He let me borrow his issue of Popular Science magazine from November of 1943. It is really incredible to read a magazine from a time so long ago, especially a science magazine, and especially during one of the most pivotal times in world […]

Did Hillary Lie?

Last week I wrote about the fallibility of human memory as a follow up to a discussion of the topic on the SGU. In the week since, this very question has been in the forefront of US political news and has sparked a lively discussion on the SGU boards. The news and discussion is tainted […]

Vive l’Évolution

I was raised in a rural French–Canadian community. A town with a population of about 7,000 (at the time) centered around a Catholic church. This town was what seemed like 100% Catholic. There were no non-religious public schools. The nearest non-religious public school was about 30kms away. The “expected” thing to do was to baptize […]

Man laughs at Dog

Does this ever happen to you? You’re reading or seeing something that is so cool and interesting that you start laughing. It’s not funny in the slightest but still you laugh. It doesn’t last long and it’s definitely not a ROTFLMAO situation. Still I love when it happens like it did ten minutes ago.


Sam Harris: The Audacity of Reason

All right, we’re not supposed to be political here, and this post isn’t going to take a position politically – though for full disclosure let me say that I am registered as an independent, my thinking is pretty libertarian, I often think bad thoughts about George W. Bush, I lean democratic in this election, and […]