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Have You Exercised Today?

Nothing like ending the year and the “holiday season” with a news report with the headline: Pope’s exorcist squads will wage war on Satan. For the record, The Vatican is denying this report.


Mmmmmm……Bumblebee Honey!

On a recent episode of the SGU we vilified presidential wanabee Mike Huckabee for running a “scientifically illiterate campaign.” The gaff that prompted this skeptical attention was his recent statements promoting the old myth about bumblebee flight. But we also took him to task over his comment that bumblebees make honey. In fact, bumblebees do […]

SGU 2007 – A Fan’s Perspective

Recently Steve asked me what 2007 was like for the SGU from the fan’s perspective. I got a little into my experience working with the SGU but never really took the opportunity to answer the actual question.

I talked briefly about helping Jay put together the new Neurologica look and helping with implementing the Rogue’s […]

Speed of thought

During a recent Science-or-Fiction segment of our podcast, Steve tried to fool us with a fictionalized version of a real news story. This one concerned those adrenalin-filled moments in our lives when time seems to slow down. We’ve all had them. You’re about to have a car accident or you accidentally knock over an expensive […]


Sure, the internet is loaded with woo, woo-woo, crap, pseudoscience, porn, more porn, amazon.com, wikipedia, conservapedia (oy), white noise, white supremacy, still more porn, blogs, podcasts, maps, wedginald the cheddar cheese, and the musings and blatherings of everyone on every topic, but at least it’s done one thing for us: it brought us Mr. Deity. […]