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Brain Sim

Scientists have recently taken a big step towards simulating what is considered the most complex object in the known universe. No, it’s not the instructions for your new cell phone/PDA/mp3 player, it’s the human brain.

IBM researchers and scientists in Switzerland have recently reported that a computer simulated chunk of a rat’s brain that they’ve […]


An article by Hanna Rosin in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/25/magazine/25wwln-geologists-t.html?_r=1&oref=slogin) illustrates perfecty why creationism isn’t science and creationists aren’t scientists. The article is called “Rock of Ages, Ages of Rock” and it’s about young earth creationists trying to make their case using the tools of geology. That’s right – they’re trying to […]

We All Go Down Together

Recently on the show I made a quick joke about a man named Neil who likes to give blowjobs. This lead to a discussion found here on the SGU message boards. I can shed some light on my joke. I don’t think it was particularly funny or a high value joke, it just popped into […]

Another psychic rips off someone.

Once again, a psychic has bilked someone out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Family And The Holiday Season

The “Holiday Season” (for us in the USA, that means Thanksgiving through New Years Day) is a time in which many of us will be seeing our extended families over the next five weeks. As my wife, Jennifer, and I are the only skeptics in our extended families, there is a certain level of disconnection […]